St.Stephen's School

Class 2HA

Hello and welcome to class 2HA.

Our teacher is Halama Ali and you can find us in Room 7. Misbah Dar will also be working with us, to help us with our learning.

We are all kind and hardworking members of 2HA, who are very much looking forward to the year ahead. We have created our WE CARE class charter and will make sure that it is at the heart of all our learning.

In Mathematics we will be learning our times tables, improving our arithmetic skills and practising different strategies to help us solve problems. In English we will focus on our reading skills, spelling and basic grammar. In Year 2 we will be improving our geographical knowledge using atlases, globes and maps. We will focus on the United Kingdom, capital cities and surrounding seas. In History we will be sequencing events on a timeline and using artefacts and historical resources to learn about different periods and lifestyles. During our Art and DT sessions we will work with lots of different media and learn new techniques such as clay work, fine art and use materials to create collages.

We are looking forward to the exciting year ahead?

2HA Class Charter

Each class at St. Stephen’s Primary School will complete a class charter, outlining agreements for members of the class and duty bearers (adults). All pupils are entitled to receive their rights. This class charter will form the basis of a display in class, be displayed on the class website page and also be used for class disciplinary matters.



Our definitions

Class Charter


To be safe, happy and healthy.

Article 24- Every Child has the right to the best possible health.


We will make sure we wash our hands often throughout the day.


To share our views and listen to others.

Article 12- Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them.


We will give everyone a chance to talk and listen to what they have to say.


To be polite and courteous at all times.


We will use polite words with everyone.


To aspire and achieve our potential and beyond.

Article 28- Every child has the right to an education

We will try our best even if we find the work difficult.


To be respected, respect others, ourselves and our environment.

We will tidy up after ourselves.


Everyone receives the same treatment.

Article 2- Every child has the right to protection against discrimination.

We will not leave anyone out in any activity.