St.Stephen's School

The Hub

The Hub is a calm, friendly classroom, which is accessed by a range of children across the school. The adults in the Hub are Tess Brown (SEND teacher) and Mina Patel (Hub Manager) as well as a team of kind EAs! Every morning, the adults help key children to build basic skills such as reading, writing, fine motor skills, counting, adding objects and many more. The children also learn important life skills such as turn taking, hygiene, fitness, communication and how to build friendships.

This year, we are looking forward to taking part in lots of exciting learning. The children will read a range of high quality core texts, beginning with ‘The Animal Boogie’. The children will learn about the animals in the story, and develop key vocabulary to describe what they look like and how they move. They will enjoy learning to dance like the animals during PE and will build their own jungle habitats in Science.

The Hub is also home to a plethora of groups that help children to develop their Speech and Language skills. These include Zones of Regulation, Bucket group, Self Esteem and Self Awareness and many more. Children across the school also come to the Hub to attend Enrichment groups such as Music, Art, Gardening and PE.